Work with Anna

There’s no question, parenting can be tough. Wading through conflicting advice, making sense of our own childhoods and trying to stay sane is no simple task! And when every expert seems to say something different, it’s easy to feel like we’re failing. 

Luckily, there is hope. It is possible to understand how the brain wires, what the building blocks for resilient and well-adjusted kids are, and how you can have more fun along the way. Join me for this ground breaking, evidence-based course and start growing your resilient family.

Despite what we’ve been told, we were never meant to navigate these bodies all alone. Resilience and regulation are something we learn with others, in a safe and loving environment.

These in-person somatic body work sessions help to calm the nervous system, release trauma and create greater wellbeing through the science of connection and resilience.

Available in Canberra and Melbourne only. Click here to contact Anna for availability.

An online program to help you reconnect with yourself and undo patterns of stress and trauma.

Explore the social, neurobiological, emotional, cultural and spiritual issues holding us back, so that you can Undo and come into a deeper connection with yourself. 

Uncover how to work with your nervous system for deeper resilience and regulation, so that you can learn to break the patterns of stress and overwhelm to have more energy, more time, feel younger and live life on your terms without crashing and burning.