Are you ready to press 'pause'?

Are you tired of the rushing?

Tired of the juggling?

Do you need some brain space?

BE HERE NOW is a FREE 5 Day Challenge for busy, stressed out mums who need real & practical tools to ease their overwhelm.

Sunday March 11 - Thursday March 15


It Can Be So Hard...But It Doesn't Have To Be.

Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself rushing everywhere, hurrying the kids into the car, hurrying them out, hurrying at the supermarket, hurrying on the way home. Sometimes it’s like there are so many balls up in the air, if you pause for a moment everything will topple.

You know you need more ‘me time’, but whenever you get it, somehow it seems to go wrong. You’ve tried committing to yoga classes, for example, but you just can’t get into it, or the kids come down sick, or you run late and miss your class anyway.

You’ve actually forgotten what you like doing in the chaos of parenting, and so when you get these moments to yourself, you end up on your phone, feeling like you haven’t had a break at all. 

You're not the only one who feels like this. 

And good news! There is help.

Be Here Now is a 5 Day Challenge for mums just like you, who are ready to stop feeling so spun out.

Get more present, get more stuff done and feel better while you do it!

You'll find out:

How to go from S.O.S. (Stressed Out & Spacey, or Stressed Out & Strung Out) to Here and Now

What "Being In The Moment" really means in real life

How to get your billion things done in a way that serves you and your family, instead of adding to your stress

AND how to stay centred... even when destruction is unfolding around you

Don't have much time?

Perfect! BE HERE NOW only takes 10-15 minutes a day. Designed for mums who already feel full to the brim, you'll be amazed how this little investment of time can make a difference.

Emails delivered each day

Straight to your inbox, no messing about.

Private Facebook group

Everything in one place, where you can learn, stay supported and be encouraged.

Easy, 15 minute bites

Create more space in your day without adding to your busy schedule!

Access to the online portal

All the materials also easily accessed so you can come back again and again. 

I help mums like you find calm in the chaos of modern parenting. 

I offer strategy and support to feel better and more confident, to stop yelling and to start getting great vibes happening in your amazing family.

I've got two intense kids of my own and know first hand that modern parenting can be absolute chaos. 

It doesn't matter how old your kids are - when we're struggling with our kids and feeling overwhelmed, it's often the same sh*t wrapped up in different circumstances.

I've been there. I know how it feels.

 The silent screaming. The exhaustion. The overwhelm. The guilt. 

I also know that it doesn't have to be this way. 

Does this sound familiar?

I knew raising children was "the most important job in the world", yet I felt like I was failing miserably.  

My mind couldn't stop racing, yet when I tried to focus there was nothing.

I felt agitated when I wasn't *doing* something. 

I was saying and doing the things I promised myself I wouldn't say and do. 

I felt guilty at home, and felt guilty at work. 

I struggled (OH did I struggle) with not having a set job description as a mum. Where were my KPIs?

Everyone else seemed to be having such a great time parenting, and all I could think about is how come I couldn't make motherhood look that good. 

If this is you, you're not alone. 

BE HERE NOW can help you stop spinning wheels and get out of the mental storm. 

With 15 minutes of your input for 5 days, in a supportive community on Facebook, you can feel stronger, calmer and more connected. 

We kick off Sunday March 11.

Start feeling calmer and more in control!

Because stress is real, and overwhelm is rampant. But motherhood doesn't have to be this hard.

What Mums Say About Anna

"Being able to discuss my specific situation with Anna not only lifted a weight off my shoulders by being truly heard by someone who understands, but allowed us to discuss real strategies to cope with the overwhelm that comes with parenting." 


"Working with Anna on her Calm in the Chaos course truly helped me on so many levels. Anna provided practical advice and techniques on how to diffuse the pressures that I was experiencing, and through implementing these I was able to reduce stress-induced yelling significantly and also treat myself more respectfully."