You're probably here because:

You're expecting a bundle of joy!


Your bundle (or bundles) are now much bigger, and you'd like more of that joy...

(You're not alone.)

It's ok. You're in the right place.

As an educator, coach and mentor, I know that

birth doesn't have to be scary,

and motherhood doesn't have to be this hard.

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Anna is a Motherhood Mentor, who works with busy mums to beat overwhelm, stop yelling and enjoy parenting. As a Childbirth Educator, Anna helps parents prepare for their birth to overcome fear, feel confident and come out the other side of birth positive and empowered.

She is the founder of Calm in the Chaos, where mums learn how to feel calm, joyful and confident in modern parenting, and Preparing for Birth, where parents learn how to have a positive birth regardless of how their birth unfolds.

Inspired by her two daughters, her mission is to change our perspectives of motherhood.

Anna runs live workshops, online courses and training, and is the author of Preparing for Birth.