Birth. Pleasure. Death. Rebirth.

The cycle of life that turns within all of us is actually the key to our Undoing, Remembering, Becoming.

It governs all we do, everything we touch. It guides our ability to navigate challenges, successes and everything in between.

What if you could breathe joy and pleasure into everything you do?

With a blend of evidence and intuition, I can guide you to transform the shadows and harvest gold from seemingly impossible situations.

I’m here to help.

My services are being undone and reborn themselves at present, but if you’d like support in any of the following areas, feel free to connect with me at annafsiebert@gmail.com.

Much love,

Anna xx

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For support in motherhood and parenting, click here.

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Nothing exists in a vacuum. We are a conglomerate of our cultural, emotional, environmental, mental, physical and spiritual experiences and beliefs. When we begin to tease these apart, we understand what we’re working with, and how we can change that.
when we learn to connect deeply with our bodies instead of escaping them,
when we learn to hear and understand the conversations that our body is having with us in each moment instead of the noise around us,
when we learn to get out of our head and find the patterns that really, truly work,
and learn to come Home to the universe within instead of seeking it outside ourselves,
we find entirely new possibilities await us.
The truth is, we are way more capable that we have been taught. And even if we know it on an intellectual level, we rarely know it in a felt sense.
Let's change that.
Pleasure is the blueprint. Let's unlock the potential.

Birth doesn't have to be scary.

Motherhood doesn't have to be this hard.

And you really can have it all.

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Anna is an Educator, Mentor and Guide.

She works with women who are ready to transform the BS, strip away the constraints holding us back and unlock new levels of joy and pleasure in their life.

Instead of drowning in overwhelm, guilt, exhaustion and fear, Anna helps women to find deeper connection with themselves, so they can enjoy increased confidence, energy and success. Her work supports women to alchemise challenges so that they can create a world where anything is possible.

Anna has worked in health and education sectors and worked in her successful birth and parenting businesses, but her biggest teacher has been her own experiences in finding and creating joy and pleasure.

Inspired by her two daughters, her mission is to change our perspectives of womanhood. She believes that magic and science go hand in hand, and that pleasure is our birthright.

Anna runs live workshops, and online courses, and is available for corporate training.