In a world of disconnection, finding connection can seem like a pipedream.

Life is fast. We're tired, we're stressed, those breaks never work out quite the way we planned and, without some miracle, things don't look like they're changing anytime soon.

It doesn't have to be this way.

It's time for us to find a new "normal".

I teach the science and spirituality of connection and resilience, so that you can get out of the stress loop that leads to crash and burn. I believe that working with the nervous system is key to a new way of living, healing, learning and being.


Because positive thinking doesn't change long term patterns of stress and overwhelm.

Because when you understand the patterns of your nervous system, you can grant yourself access to wellbeing and connection like you've never known.

Because no matter how dark things have been, there's hope: we all have the capacity for healing, connection and change.

You see, resilience isn't something you can simply 'decide' on; it's a function of internal perceptions of safety, past stress and trauma patterns in the form of practiced neural pathways, and an embodied dynamic of self-connection developed within a relationship with safe people.

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Anna is an award-winning speaker, educator, researcher, practitioner and high performance mentor who helps women and families to increase their resilience from a place of passion and pleasure.

Her science-meets-intuition approach enables women to get out of the stress loop that leads to burnout so that they can have more energy, more time, and experience greater wellbeing.

Anna has worked with hundreds of women, business owners, clinicians, practitioners and families from multiple countries over the past six years to manage their nervous system more effectively so that they can expand their capacity without crashing and burning.

Inspired by her two daughters, her mission is to change our perspectives of womanhood. She believes that  science and spirituality go hand in hand, and that pleasure is our birthright.

Anna runs live workshops, online courses, and speaks at conferences and events around Australia.