Courses - Online and In Person

Are you looking for a birth course that actually helps you have your baby?

The Birth Code is a birth class with a difference.

A 6 week online course exploring the science and magic of birth so that you can feel confident and prepared for your birth, in a way that feels right to you.

Discover what you actually need to give birth the way you want to.

Online, in the comfort of your own home.

*Taking enquiries now for February/March 2021*

Have you done so much mental, emotional and spiritual healing, but are still looking for that missing piece?

It could be that the answer lies within your body.

The Embody Code is a 4 week online journey of experience to help you come home to your body so that you can experience a powerful shift in how you relate to and connect with yourself, the people around you, and the spaces you inhabit – how you live, love, work, rest and play.

Learn to find the wisdom and vitality that already exists within you.

However we identify, those with a womb or who once had a womb have a unique biological capacity for creation. Our body runs cycles of birth, death and rebirth from our very tissues.

But many of us were not shown the magical potency of this capacity. Some of us were even shamed away from acknowledging this space at all.

The Womb Code is a journey home to this sacred temple within our bodies. Over 4 weeks, we’ll learn and relearn how to connect with the pleasure of creation in a cauldron of neuroscience, ancient practices and shamanic wisdom.

Nothing could have prepared us for the experience of parenting neurodivergent kids. Parenting itself is challenging enough, yet these days we’ve never had so many expectations and so little support.

Learning how to use our nervous system to come home to ourselves and find deep wellbeing has never been more important. 

The Connection Code helps busy, stressed out parents stop feeling guilty and overcome overwhelm. 

Over 8 weeks, we’ll explore the social, neurobiological, emotional and spiritual issues making this so hard. We’ll learn specific practices and unravel the bullshit together, so that you can find The Connection Code to resilience and confidence. 

Do you work in the perinatal period? Are you keen to understand the process of trauma on your clients’ physiology and how you can support their greater wellbeing? 

With birth trauma (finally) beginning to get the airtime it needs, many are recognising the deep importance and impact of birth and the transition to parenthood. 

This course will equip you to support your clients more deeply as they navigate this often unpredictable terrain. Traversing the intersection of trauma, physiology and culture, you will emerge with embodied skills and tools so that you can create the container required for your clients’ regulation, healing and resilience.