Courses - Online and In Person

There’s no question, parenting can be tough. With all the conflicting advice, our own childhood wounds throwing us curve balls, the stress of staying on top of work and juggling the day-to-day can seem too much. And when every expert seems to say something different, it’s easy to feel like we’re failing. 

Wouldn’t it be great to know the basics for raising well adjusted adults?

Luckily, through understanding how the brain wires it is possible to know what fosters resilience and have more fun along the way.

Join me for this ground breaking, evidence-based course and help your resilient family grow.

Are you looking for a birth course that actually helps you have your baby?

The Birth Code is a 6 week online course that will show the science and magic of birth.

Feel confident and prepared for birth, no matter how that birth unfolds.

Online, in the comfort of your own home.

Next starting date is July 9.

In Person

Are you overwhelmed by the millions of voices with birth and pregnancy advice?

The Birth Code is a birth class with a difference.

You’ll come out confident and prepared for birth, no matter how that birth unfolds.

Discover what you actually need to give birth the way you want to.

(Due to health concerns and public safety in this time of COVID19, in person classes have been halted. Please see the online version of this course or my personal birth preparation sessions for my online birth education options.)

In Person & Online

The Science and Spirituality of Connection and Resilience is a foundational training for practitioners, coaches, educators and mentors who are looking for evidence-based understanding that informs practical approaches.

Many approaches to resilience involve applying top-down cognitive processes, but true resilience functions from the bottom-up: with the nervous system. To do this, we need to combine neurobiology with other disciplines, including psychology, education, neurological development, anthropology and holistic wellbeing.

This course will help you to understand why some clients struggle more than others, why it isn’t their ‘fault’, and empower you to support those you work with from a compassionate and holistic perspective with effective and evidence-based tools and techniques.

The Resilience Code is an online program to help you reconnect with yourself, undo patterns of stress and trauma and find the codes of pleasure that underpin wellbeing, creativity and resilience.

Pleasure is an untapped resource for cultivating resilience, and encompasses so much more than sexual pleasure; it underpins our creative life force that allows us to achieve goals, overcome challenges without collapsing on the other side, and find deep and renewable sources of vitality, presence and joy.

Uncover how to work with your nervous system for deeper resilience and regulation, so that more energy, more time, and unbridled pleasure are your new norm.

Nothing could have prepared us for the experience of becoming a mother. Parenting itself is challenging enough, yet these days we’ve never had so many expectations and so little support.

Learning how to use our nervous system to come home to ourselves and find deep wellbeing has never been more important. 

The Mother Code helps busy, stressed out mums stop feeling guilty and overcome overwhelm. 

Over 8 weeks, we’ll explore the social, neurobiological, emotional and spiritual issues making this so hard. We’ll learn specific practices and unravel the bullshit together, so that you can find The Mother Code to connection and confidence.