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Individual client sessions, with a focus on resilience, nervous system regulation, wellbeing for mothers, parenting, birth, somatic mindfulness and overcoming trauma. 

In these sessions we work towards your goals for wellbeing and healing. You may just want to fine tune practices you already have through the lens of somatic resilience, you may have deeper patterns that you would like addressed with compassion and skill, or you may want to be able to resolve traumas that are ready for healing. These sessions may use a combination of developmental trauma work, Somatic Experiencing, Transforming Intentional Touch, somatic mindfulness and meditation, intention and therapeutic space-holding.

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Despite what we’ve been told, we were never meant to navigate these bodies all alone. Resilience and regulation are something we learn with others, in a safe and loving environment.

These in-person somatic body work sessions help to calm the nervous system, release trauma and create greater wellbeing through the science of connection and resilience.

Available in Canberra and Melbourne only. Click here to contact Anna for availability.

I am available for speaking, both locally, nationally and internationally. 

Key topics of interest are resilience, nervous system regulation, wellbeing for mothers, wellness from a nervous system perspective, birth, trauma, pleasure and the science of connection. 

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Want personal, one-on-one support for your whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey?

Doulas provide non-clinical physical, emotional and mental support during pregnancy and labour, and can lead to improved outcomes for both mum and baby.

Feel confident and reassured, with continuous support with you all the way.

Are you pregnant and wanting to know how to prepare for your specific situation?

I can help you make sense of your options and the evidence, prepare you mind, body and spirit for your upcoming birth, help ready you and your partner to be the best birth team you can be, and work through ups and downs, including from any previous birth experiences.

Award-winning childbirth education in the comfort of your own home so that you can feel confident and ready.

I have a range of courses for practitioners, educators, birth workers, parents and parents-to-be. 

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