Are you looking for support, information and practical skills for your upcoming birth?

Do you want to feel confident and reassured, and know that there is someone in your and your partner’s corner, supporting you all the way?

A doula is a trained birth support worker, providing non-clinical labour support. This includes mental preparation, practical birth skills, comfort measures (including non-medical pain relief) and absolute reassurance.

Engaging a doula for your birth team has been shown to reduce interventions, increase positive birth outcomes and even make your labour less painful.

A doula is not there to ‘just hold your hand’ or replace your partner.

Experience pre-birth visits in your home, where you can explore your options, learn practical skills and develop confidence in your body and your baby.

As your pregnancy progresses you can feel reassured, relaxed and confident. Having access to your doula means questions don’t have to be saved for hospital appointments, niggling concerns can be put to rest and those things you’re too afraid to ask can be explored without being made to feel like you’re stupid.


The relationship you build allows you to create a safe space to explore, and create a better understanding of what it is that you need to birth.

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Anna’s background in health training and research means that even complex information can be made simple and straight-forward, and medical-ese is easily explained. She provides care and reassurance, supporting you to make your own informed choices. 

Anna supports you to trust your instincts, helps you develop birth skills and holds a safe space for both you and your partner.

You have access to her decision-making aides, acupressure training, birth planning kit and her entire library of resources.

Anna helps you to work together and be the best birth team you can be.  Your partner is free to support you without being a ‘birth expert’.

When the big day comes, you can relax knowing your doula comes with you to hospital and stays by your side, encouraging, coaching, reassuring you right to the end. 

Hiring a doula means continuous support through your birth, reassurance, information and skills building in your pregnancy, and supported transition to home. Investing in this crucial time is one that pays dividends in you and your family’s wellbeing for years to come.

Birth is powerful. But it doesn't have to be scary.

Birth doesn't have to be scary.

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