The Connection Code

Wouldn't it be great if being a parent came with a manual?

Yep. And while we’re here, it would be awesome if we lived in a community that offered us a buffer and supportive social context to help these kids be raised well to adulthood (with parents who had time to enjoy the process).

But sadly, we don’t. And in a world made for neurotypical people (and a narrow, heavily conditioned stereotype of neurotypical people at that), navigating the pitfalls of neurodivergence can seem like walking through a minefield.

I have to confess: I was such a great parent before I actually became one.

Then my children were born, and I realised very quickly that the approaches that I had inherited were not going to work for my sensitive, high needs children who seemed to break so many rules in this parenting gig. I was forced to dig deep, draw on my diverse experience and training, go find and test out what other people said would work, and put it into practice.

And now I share my learnings and experience with you, as a neurodivergent therapist, educator and parent.

Effective parenting relies on connection and a felt-sense of safety.

But not all of us were offered this as a template in our own childhoods, or if we’re really honest, even adulthoods. Which makes managing our own stuff along with our children’s near impossible. But the good news is, parenting from a place of connection, where the needs of both you and your children matter, is possible. 

That’s why I created The Connection Code. 

It’s an 8 week online course to help you overcome overwhelm in parenting humans with neurodivergence.

Come join us!

Get cutting-edge research with time-honoured wisdom, delivered by an award-winning educator from the comfort of your own home!

This course is designed to support you to get back to basics with connected, neurodivergent-supportive, trauma-informed parenting principles so that you can feel like you know where you’re going and what to do when you get lost (because let’s face it, we all get a little lost now and then).

We’ll cover some key cultural, emotional, neurobiological and spiritual factors contributing to overwhelm, and work through step-by-step to find the way to more joy and balance.

What's included?

  • Weekly two-hour live calls via Zoom
  • Space to share your unique challenges and wins
  • Evidence-based info and tried-and-tested tools
  • Access to recordings in case you miss anything

And if you need a personalised approach, you’ll also get access to discounted individual therapy sessions so you can support yourself as much as possible. NDIS may be available.

In The Connection Code, we come together as humans have done since time immemorial, with the modern advantage of technology, to help you find your way.

We cover:

The neurobiology of stress and resilience

The science behind sensory overwhelm

Effective communication


Managing behaviour (respectful to neurodivergence)


Finding joy

How to work with anger in a healthy way

Worried about ableist ideas about how your child should be behaving? Concerned that you’ll be left with platitudes, wishful thinking, or intellectual ideas that don’t work in real life? Never fear. My experience parenting neurodivergent kids combined with a background in neurological development, trauma therapy and research means that even complex information can be made simple, straight-forward, and practical. No more overwhelm!

My goal is to support you to trust your instincts, help you develop parenting skills and hold a safe space for you as you navigate this sometimes daunting time.

Parenting is challenging. But it can be so rewarding.

This course is $499, and payment plans are available. NDIS rebates may also be available.

Next round starts April 6.

Ready to enrol?