Pregnancy & Birth

Work with Anna

Are you overwhelmed by the millions of voices with birth and pregnancy advice?

Preparing for Birth is a birth class with a difference.

You’ll come out confident and prepared for birth, no matter how that birth unfolds.

Discover what you actually need to give birth the way you want to.

Are you looking for a birth course that actually helps you have your baby?

Birth Undone is a 4 week online course that will show the science and magic of birth.

Feel confident and prepared for birth, no matter how that birth unfolds.

Online, in the comfort of your own home.

Are you a ‘do it alone’ kind of person? Do you like all the information at your fingertips so you can work through it yourself?

This workbook is unlike any other.

It’s birth secrets wrapped up in language you understand, combining latest research with time-honoured wisdom so you can prepare your way.

Would you like some easy ways to relax and let go of all your stress?

Meditation can help you sleep better, feel better and get ready for labour with a better mindset

Even if you’ve tried meditating before and it ‘didn’t work’, these guided meditations can give you a sense of calm and strength, and help your body do what it needs to do.

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Want personal, one-on-one support for your whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey?

Doulas provide non-clinical physical, emotional and mental support during pregnancy and labour, and can lead to improved outcomes for both mum and baby.

Feel confident and reassured, with continuous support with you all the way.

Preparing for your birth can sometimes feel like this enormous task. 

It can be hard to sort out all the conflicting information and work out what you actually need.

If you want to know how you can work best with your body in birth, and want the care, support and guidance to make that happen, these sessions are for you.