Are you looking for info and skill-building that helps you birth your baby with confidence?

It's ok. You're not alone.

Birth Undone is a unique online program that helps you blend evidence with your own intuition, so that you can feel calm and confident to birth as you need to.

Wednesday 28 November - Wednesday 19 December

Because Birth Doesn't Have To Be Scary.


Learn how to Undo our collective conditioning so that you can birth the way that feels right for you.

Does this sound like you?

You're hoping for a vaginal birth and want the best and safest experience possible. But you also you know things may not work out the way you plan, and you want to know what to do if that happens.

Everyone says something different, and with all the conflicting information you just want to know how to work out what’s actually important. 

You've heard some pretty full on stories, but something tells you that you can actually do this. Only there's that little voice in your head keeps whispering, 'But god, what if it's really it really possible to do this without an epidural and still come out in one piece?' 

Somewhere inside you know this could be different. 

What if this could be a positive experience? 

What if your baby could be birthed in love? 

What if you could let go, and allow yourself to come Undone? 

Discover a practical, emotional, biological and spiritual approach to birth.

A positive birth helps you start new baby life with a deep connection to your mother instinct, and makes the ups and downs of parenthood that much easier to navigate.

Investment: $247

Undo the conditioning that holds us back with Birth Undone.

You'll find out:

How to work out what your unique “ideal birth” actually means and how to maximize your chances of getting it.

How to birth with confidence, but also what to do when things don't go to plan.

How to make decisions with confidence, knowing this is the right choice for you.

Skills that actually help you to give birth, and real ways to deal with the pain.

What stops labour from happening the way you want it to, and some ways to fix that ahead of time.

What to do once this baby is out, how you might feel and some crucial planning-ahead strategies to help you transition to new-baby-life with more ease.

Ask the questions you're scared to ask, learn some of the fundamentals often missing from birth classes & connect with other like-minded parents in a supportive online community.

You can't plan birth, but you can prepare. 

Don't have much time?

It's ok. I know you're already busy. Let's make this easy. 

We meet together once a week for 4 weeks in a live call. There are live question sessions throughout the week, and all the material is saved in your online portal.

Preparing for Birth Workbook

An easy-to-read complement to the content covered in the calls.

Private Facebook group

Everything in one place, where you can learn, connect in real time, stay supported and be encouraged.

One group session a week

Held via group video call, where we go through what you actually need to know.

Access to the online portal

All the materials also easily accessed so you can come back again and again. 

So what do we cover?

Week 1: What Lies Beneath 

Work out the context for your birth, how mindset affects everything, and what your ideal birth means for you.

Week 2: The F Word.

How to handle fear, how to use it, and what to do when things start to come undone. 

Week 3: Your Labour Tool Kit

Explore what's going on in your body, how labour starts and what actually happens in labour. Weigh up medical and non-medical pain relief, their pros and cons, and when to use what. Learn the one crucial thing you need to birth effectively, and why breathing won't necessarily get your baby out.

Week 4: When Birth Doesn't Go To Plan

 Sometimes we need a plan B, or C or D. Birth doesn't always follow the path we hoped, and it's important to know your options ahead of time so you're not making choice on the big day. 

PLUS A BONUS MODULE: Preparing for Post Partum 

Learn some basics of caring for your new baby and your new body, what's the difference between common and normal, and how you can start planning ahead of time.

4 weeks of group coaching so you can feel stronger, calmer and more prepared.

Investment: $247

We kick off Wednesday Nov 28, doors close soon!


I’m a qualified Clinical Educator, diploma-qualified Childbirth Educator and certified labour doula (and many more pieces of paper), and mum of two (gorgeous but intense) children. 

Having experienced both empowering and traumatic birth, hospital and home, I’m passionate about helping mothers understand birth in a deeper, holistic way, so they can have the birth they want. 

I know how scary and overwhelming this can be. I also know how amazing it can be.

My background is a unique blend of science and magic. With studies and career experience spanning International Health, anthropology, neurological development for babies and toddlers, skin cancer and clinical education, and even starting (and putting on hold) a PhD, I have the science well grounded. But as a meditation teacher and healer, I infuse the evidence with magic to help you explore the Full Circle of birth. 

What Mums Say About Anna

"Anna is amazing... having just been part of this course, I'd totally recommend it to ANYone about to have a baby.. even if it's not your first. So much information, so much support, so much insight. I could say a lot about this... I'm so deeply grateful for how much more empowered I feel because of this course. Even when things don't go to plan, Anna has helped me feel more capable of finding answers to make my own choices. This course is HONEST and so beautifully practical and holistic at the same time."

-Meredith, Full Circle Birth participant

"The best birth course everrrrr. I honestly can't recommend it enough!! It has given me so much knowledge even with this being my 3rd pregnancy!" 

-Christie, Full Circle Birth participant

"Yes, I’ve had a baby before… but although I read lots and thought I understood what I needed to get through labour as naturally as possible, I didn’t feel empowered enough to put it all into practice. Quite frankly, my first birth was dictated by the obstetrician, hospital policies and my own fear… and I regret the things that happened. Through this course I’ve gained an expansion on the knowledge I already had, an expansion which has ‘clicked’ everything into place. I am now feeling positive and empowered that I can do this. I can!" 

-Erica, Preparing for Birth participant

"Anna facilitates this course with a relaxed, easy delivery. She's friendly and has exceptional knowledge."

-Kerrie, Preparing for Birth participant

"This course is completely different to antenatal courses; very personal, about the EXPERIENCE of childbirth. It's empowering."

-Sarah, Preparing for Birth participant